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Tourism in Washtenaw County, Michigan, has a notable impact on the local economy, culture, and community. The area attracts a diverse array of visitors, including prospective students, alumni, sports fans, and conference attendees. This influx supports local businesses, from hotels and restaurants to retail shops and cultural venues, generating significant economic revenue and creating numerous jobs.

Destination Ann Arbor Reports

STRATEGIC PLAN: A three-year Strategic Plan was created to identify four primary goals and corresponding initiatives that will keep us on track and true to our mission in the years ahead.

ANNUAL ACTION PLAN: The Annual Action Plan dives a little deeper, offering a closer look at specific actions we plan to employ in 2024, along with organizational-wide KPIs that ladder up to the goals and initiatives identified in the Strategic Plan.

ANNUAL REPORT: The Annual Report serves as the primary measure of our success, reporting on metrics associated with each goal, initiative, and KPI identified in the Strategic Plan and the Annual Action Plan.

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Tourism Industry Data & Resources