Downtown Ann Arbor

18 Things to Do in Ann Arbor

We're here to help you create your Ann Arbor area bucket list. Our list covers popular favorites and hidden gems. For more information about these and other area attractions and events, sign up to get the Travel Insider newsletter. You can also request a copy of the amazing Ann Arbor Area Visitors…

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Museum of Natural History: Then and Now

Update: As of April 2019, the Museum of Natural History has re-opened in the new Biological Sciences Building. In this new location amongst U-M's new labs, visitors can experience the latest in research as well as interactive exhibits. The upgraded facilities feature 50% specimens housed at the old…

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Tales from Ann Arbor's Past

The city of Ann Arbor is nearly 200 years old and since its founding, newspapers, historians, and Treetown townies have cataloged its growth and progress. The Ann Arbor District Library houses a massive archive of old newspaper articles, photos, and historical documents from the 1800s to present…

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