Fall is here, and what better way to celebrate than with a toasty beverage? The Ann Arbor area has tons of options. Read on to find where to get a cup of craft coffee or freshly brewed hot tea, as well as some more unusual hot drink options that will keep you warm this season.

1. Butterfly Pea Flower Latte - LAB



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The steel-blue Butterfly Pea Flower Latte at lab café in the State Street District is prime #nofilter material. Coffee comes together with lavender, butterfly pea flower powder, a dollop of honey, and the milk of your choice to make an escape in a cup. This blue milky drink is a delightful way to enjoy a little summer with your fall.

2. Espresso - Comet Coffee 


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Often the best things really do come in small packages, and that's true twice over at Comet Coffee. Step up to the bar in the petite Nickels Arcade café and ask for a small but mighty shot of espresso - or a double shot if your day really needs a kick in the pants. The small space is perfect for enjoying an espresso in the traditional Italian way. Start with exceptional espresso beans pulled on-demand at the counter into a tiny demitasse cup. Don't bother to sit down, Italians drink this on-the-go staple fast while the crema - the emulsion of coffee oils that locks in the divine espresso scents - is still at the top. Grab a pastry, tip the barista, and off you go!

3. Pour-Over - Hyperion Coffee Co.

For a true essence of a coffee, purists turn to the pour-over. This method of serving coffee allows for the most control - hot water poured over beans ground to just the right thickness makes for the ultimate tasting experience. The folks at Hyperion personally travel the world to find the freshest, most flavorful beans farmed with love and care. When you want to absorb intense coffee flavor, swing by their Ann Arbor or Ypsilanti tasting room, share your coffee likes and dislikes, and stand by for your bespoke pour-over. They'll even get nerdy about tasting notes if that's your jam. True coffee-lovers, rejoice!

4. Chocolate Chaud - Le Bon Macaron


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BREAKING NEWS: It turns out that hot chocolate really can be improved upon! The chocolat chaud at Le Bon Macaron is regular hot chocolate's classier older sibling. Rich and meant to be enjoyed slowly, this French sipping chocolate will transport you right to Paris with the first taste. You're essentially drinking straight melted chocolate, but in a cute little socially acceptable cup. If you're having trouble restraining yourself from drinking it all in one gulp, get six or twelve colorful macaron cookies to help you pace yourself. Moderation is overrated.

5. Lavender Pink Pepercorn Latte - RoosRoast

RoosRoast is a local favorite and is always offering unique options (as well as traditional offerings) for the adventurous. Try their newest menu addition, the Lavender Pink Peppercorn Latte. The perfect balance of aromatic lavender and peppery punch, this drink will wake up your taste buds on the first sip. 

6. Earl Grey - TeaHaus


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For a traditional tea experience, visit TeaHaus in downtown Ann Arbor. They're so into tea, coffee isn't even offered here - so don't ask. Taste an assortment of loose leaf teas, or luxuriate in a pot of freshly steeped Earl Grey, accompanied by a warm scone with fresh clotted cream. (Is a scone truly a scone without clotted cream?) Elevate your childhood tea party dreams and make a reservation for the Full English Tea, served formally with assorted finger sandwiches, a soup of the day, desserts, the aforementioned scones, and, most importantly, all the tea you could hope to drink. A bonus - TeaHaus is home to a certified Tea Sommelier. Go on, stick your pinky out. See how it feels.

7. Black Bear Mocha - Bearclaw Coffee Co


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For an on-the-go kind of day, pull into the drive-thru at Bearclaw Coffee Co. and grab a Black Bear Mocha for the road. Come for the classic mocha with vanilla and blackberry syrup, stay for the generous pile of whipped cream on top. You can walk in if you like, but winter is coming, and wrestling with jackets and hats is a hassle - you really can't beat a toasty beverage delivered straight to your vehicle. 

8. Turkish Coffee - Ayse's Turkish Café


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If you have yet to experience the joy that is Turkish coffee, stop by Ayse's Turkish Café and enjoy the traditional preparation. Authentic Turkish coffee is extra finely ground and prepared in an ibrik or a cezve, a small coffee pot. Sugar and cardamom are added during the brewing process, and it is served topped with foam in a beautifully patterned demitasse cup. The coffee is allowed to sit for a few minutes before it is served so that the grounds can sink to the bottom. Sip it alongside a Turkish dessert, and ideally after a full, house-made Turkish feast.

9. Café Miel - Vertex Coffee Roasters


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Café Miel is a Spanish - or French, depending on who you ask - preparation of coffee, milk, spices, vanilla, and sweet honey. The folks at Vertex Coffee Roasters offer this sweet concoction for you to enjoy. It can also be ordered in The Sweetie Flight, a sampler including a Café Miel, a spiced mocha, and a regular mocha. The shop prioritizes zero-waste, providing options for re-usable takeaway containers as well as bulk coffee beans - fill your own container or pay a small deposit for the use of one of theirs. 

10. Military Drip - Drip House Coffee Co. 

Located across from The Big House (Michigan Football Stadium), Drip House Coffee Co. has an endlessly Instagrammable space with delectable pastries along with a menu filled with traditional and seasonal beverages. The Military Drip combines Matcha green tea, espresso, vanilla, cocoa powder, and milk for a powerful caffeine punch and unique flavor profile. Stop by before a game or plan a cozy afternoon with a book and a view of the stadium.