There are tons of great places to stay in the Ann Arbor area - so when Erin Klema from The Epicurean Traveler comes to town, it's always tough to choose where to have her stay. For her second time visiting Tree Town, we had her enjoy an Ann Arbor classic - Weber's Boutique Hotel.

With over 80 years of history in Ann Arbor, Weber's is known for great service, awesome prime rib, its fabulous indoor pool, and most recently - gorgeously renovated guestrooms. Erin loved the cozy beds - but also raved about the other offerings at Weber's.

"What makes staying at Weber’s Boutique Hotel so special? The amenities! In particular, the atrium with the indoor salt water pool is a gem. I love how this indoor pool feels like you are outside due to the sunlight pouring into the skylight windows. Yet, being indoors, guests can take a refreshing dip any time of year — even in the middle of a snowy Michigan winter!"

We love Weber's - and we're thrilled that Erin had a great time staying there. Here's to another 80 years of Weber's excellence!

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