Hygge (WHO-guh) is a Danish and Norwegian word, meaning cozy. And what better time to embrace all things cozy than right now? In Copenhagen (the capital of Denmark), you can go on a Hygge and Happiness Walking Tour. We love this idea so much we decided to put together our own DIY Ann Arbor Hygge Walking Tour! 

Get a coffee or tea at Hyperion Coffee. Not only is it a warm space and drinking a hot bev gives off all the cozy vibes, but caffeine releases dopamine which is often called the “happy hormone”.
Hyperion Coffee Co. in Ann Arbor

Browse the books at Literati. Discover the whimsy of walking through the titles, stories just waiting to be read. Don’t forget to share your cozy thoughts on the typewriter downstairs!
Literati Bookstore 
Pick up sweaters for the whole family at Laurel & Jack. Snuggling up in an oversized sweater is absolutely embracing the hygge spirit.  

Indulge in a bowl of ramen at Slurping Turtle. In Japan, slurping your noodles is a polite gesture of enjoyment. We can’t think of a cozier meal than a bowl of hot noodle soup. 
Slupring Turtle in Ann Arbor

Curl up with popcorn at the State Theatre. This historic downtown theater plays new releases along with bringing old classics back to the big screen. Grab some of their famously delicious popcorn and settle in for a magical movie experience.
State Theatre downtown Ann Arbor 


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