The Detroit Metro Times featured six Washtenaw County trails in the article, 30 Stellar Michigan Hiking Trails that You Have to Explore. We've couldn't agree more! Next time you're visitng the Ann Arbor area, be sure to pack your hiking boots and hit these trails! Excerpts from the Metro Times article are below.

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Bird Hills Trail

Ann Arbor’s largest park and maybe the most densely forested. It’s a hilly trail with plenty of magnificent views. Bird Hills Trail is a serene getaway from the city.

Photo via IG user @peterschriemer

North Bay Trail

Good for all things water-related, North Bay Park’s trail in Ypsilanti is extremely relaxing and leisurely, having water on both sides of the looped trail. This park includes spots for fishing as well as a boardwalk.

Photo via IG user @cambolah

Nichols Arboretum

Located on the University of Michigan campus, the two trails at Nichols Arboretum each offer its own unique experience. The first of these trails is the highly informative Clean Water Trail, which highlights water pollution and prevention at the Arboretum. The second of these trails is the Laurel Ridge Trail, which is populated by beautiful and carefully-preserved flowers, shrubs, and trees.

Photo via Facebook page Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum

Bog Trail in Chelsea

One of five trails in Chelsea's Waterloo Recreation Area, the Bog Trail makes for the most unique hike. 1.5 miles in length, the aptly-named Bog Trail leads hikers to a floating bog in Cedar Lake.

Photo via alltrails user dave somervill

Border-to-Border Trail

This extensive trail goes on for about ten miles, following the Huron River. This trail connects Hudson Mills MetroPark to Downtown Dexter. Along the way are magnificent views of the river, and you can bike, hike, jog, or walk by University of Michigan’s medical campus.

Photo via Facebook user Friends of the Border to Border Trail

Rolling Hills Park in Ypsilanti

This park has five miles of paved trails and 3 miles of hiking trails lined with stunning views and observation decks. There are also sections of this park that are handicap-accessible. The trails at Rolling Hills are also dog-friendly.

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