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Cancelled - Frankenstein: How to Make a Monster Battersea Arts Centre Beatbox Academy

  • 121 Fletcher St, Ann Arbor, MI 48109
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“…a rip-roaring hour of entertainment provided by some of the UK’s hottest young talent…It’s novel, unmissable, and expertly crafted. And a total breath of fresh air.” (What’s On Stage)

Mary Shelley was only 18 when she wrote Frankenstein, and it still brims with revolutionary and relevant ideas, exploring the power of new technology, the consequences of “playing god,” and the true nature of man and his obsession with beauty. Using Shelley’s novel as stimulus, the Battersea Beatbox Academy dug into their own life experiences and discovered a shared frustration with a world that increasingly mistrusts its youth, is increasingly obsessed with appearance, is increasingly unjust, and rejects them without ever giving them a chance. In short, they realized that to some, they were the monsters. Putting vocal percussion front and center, this reanimation of Shelley’s Frankenstein uses thrilling theater and tongue-twisting vocal gymnastics to breathe life into monsters all around us. Performed by a Southwest London-based collective of beatboxers, rappers, and vocalists aged 19-27