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Cooking with Curry: A Cooking Class with Rodger

  • Virtual Event, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
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Chef and managing partner of Zingerman’s Delicatessen, Rodger Bowser, is crazy for curry, especially the spice blends we have on our shelves at the Deli.  Rodger not only leads the kitchen at Zingerman’s Deli, but he also occasionally cooks for his family of 4, so knows well the conundrum of figuring out what to make for a weeknight dinner. In this virtual cooking class, Rodger will share his passion for curry, share recipes and tips about how to cook with them, and inspire you with some new ideas for dinner!  Rodger will answer questions via the chat feature with the help of a moderator throughout the class. 

This is not a cook along and there will be no tasting kit along with this event–that means that you can be anywhere in the country and participate in the event.  Maybe tune in with your bestie from Boulder, your auntie from Anchorage, or your sister from Seattle?!  


  • Zoom meeting link
  • A downloadable PDF with recipes and tips about using curry blends
  • An evening of learning with Deli Chef Rodger Bowser.  Ask him anything!
  • A 20% off coupon to use at our online at zcob.me/deligrocery after the tasting


  • This is not a cook along or a tasting.  It is a cooking demo and that means you can be anywhere in the country and participate in this event!