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Fine Times: Noah Fishman & Baron Collins-Hill at Kerrytown Concert House

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Roots/fusion duo with an energetic, fresh approach to original and traditional music. All ages welcome!

On their debut album ‘Fine Times,’ Noah Fishman and Baron Collins-Hill celebrate years of friendship and collaboration through the mandolin. The title comes from “Fine Times at Our House,” a classic old-time tune that Baron and Noah reconstruct as a no-holds-barred, full-speed-ahead strumming fest, nearly smashing their matching A-style mandolins to smithereens. ‘Fine Times’ is a study in the strident versatility of the mandolin, featuring originals and traditional tunes from two longtime friends.

Baron Collins-Hill is a longtime performer, educator, and founder of mandolessons.com, an online platform providing free online lessons to 45,000+ subscribers. Noah Fishman is a multi-instrumentalist who has performed in venues ranging from The Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage to the forests and foothills of Slovenia. Together, the two mandolinists create shimmering patchwork of melodies that is close-knit, energetic, risky, and built on a foundation of trust. You’ve never heard the mandolin quite like this.