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FTM A2 Ypsi: T-Time

  • 307 N River St, Ypsilanti, MI 48198
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Are you looking for a place to meet other trans folks in and around the Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti area? T-Time is a social gathering and safe space by trans people for trans people of all ages.

F2M Ypsi is at Cultivate every month on the 4th Monday from 6-8 PM. The table is reserved as "T-Time."

All trans, genderqueer, and questioning people are welcome in this space. FTM, MTF, agender, genderqueer, and any other trans identities are welcome! Minors are welcome to attend with or without a parent/guardian. Parents/guardians are welcome to stay with their child if needed.

You'll be drinking coffee, tea, and beer (for those 21+). The space can be used however you want - board games, networking, or simply just hanging out. Cultivate offers some board games.

At least one FTM A2 Ypsi representative will be in attendance at every T-Time. If you need resources, have questions to ask, or need someone to talk to, please do so with one of the representatives and not a participant unless they say otherwise. 

Please visit the website for more information.