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Kalmbucha Night at Triple Goddess Tasting Room

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Welcome to Kalmbucha. In hopes of bringing a peaceful night to our friends that love the chill vibes that Unity Vibration has to offer.

A quiet night with Rachel and RJ in our "spirited space". Rachel will be in the tasting room to bring you Reiki healing, life coaching and intuitive readings, to help you on your journey through life and spiritual matters. Rachel has been a Shamanic practitioner for 15 years and is a licensed massage therapist, conscious formulator and alchemist for Unity Vibration. She will be doing intuitive readings without cards. She will guide you along your path to understanding your karmic issues with intuitive healing modalities.
So whether you are in need of a deep, spiritual healing or just plain curious, this will be a great time to join us for a night of peace, tranquility and Kalmbucha.
Intuitive Readings are $20 for half hour reading.

RJ will be available for Tarot Card Readings. His positive vibes and loving spirt will bring you some answers and guidance that you may be searching for in your present time.
Tarot Card Readings are donation only.