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Naturally Leavened Breads Class

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Have you always wondered how to make naturally leavened bread at home? What is a sourdough starter anyway? In this class, we will demystify naturally leavened bread for you, teach you how to make and maintain your own sourdough starter, mix and treat the dough, and finally bake a loaf of crusty, flavorful bread at home.

You will make three of Zingerman's Bakehouse's signature breads: Cranberry Pecan, Farm, and Parmesan Pepper, as well as watch a demonstration of True North wheat bread.

Your class includes a great Zingerman's Bakehouse lunch, too. This is an advanced class for the dedicated baker.

You'll leave BAKE! with Zingerman's naturally leavened bread and sourdough starter recipes, the knowledge to recreate them at home, 6 loaves of bread, sourdough starter to make more bread at home, and great coupons. Not to mention a full tummy from lunch and bread snacking in class.