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Subject Matters: How to Think – How Photography and Image Processing Offers a Window Into the Human Creative Process Too

  • 525 S State St, Ann Arbor, MI 48109
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This free event meets in-person at UMMA. Registration required.

When light hits photo-sensitive paper it creates a chemical reaction. Is that so different from the chemical reaction happening in our brains when we make and create? Maybe not. Guest Faculty member Ray Wetzel (Residential College) will explore this idea using photography in UMMA’s collection.

Subject Matters is offered in collaboration with the UM faculty who worked with UMMA to curate installations in Curriculum / Collection for use by their university classes. Together, we are bringing the UMMA classroom experience to you. You’ll learn about the subject matter, about art, and you’ll have loads of fun doing it. We hope to see you there.

* Participants will be asked to do a teensie-weensie little assignment before the session. Don’t worry. It’ll be fun!