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A2 SmartTours

  • Various Ann Arbor Locations, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
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Welcome to Ann Arbor’s SmartTours, celebrating the Bicentennial of the founding of Ann Arbor in 1824. Your smartphone can give you access to fifteen self-guided online tours, each with its own theme.

Each of the 177 tour sites includes a photograph and a narrative describing its significance to Ann Arbor. You are encouraged to spend the Bicentennial year visiting each site. Print a copy of the Tours Checklist to note each of your visits. If during the Bicentennial year you visit, read the narrative, and check off every site, you may request a Bicentennial Recognition of Completion certificate from the Mayor’s office.

Tours are noted as most appropriate for walking, biking, and/or driving. Many of the sites on the tours are private property and may be appreciated only from a public street. Please be respectful of the privacy of building owners and do not trespass.