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Front of house Staff at Mani & Isalita

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Mani & Isalita are Staffing Up - Reopen & Rebuild Mani Osteria and Isalita Cantina Mexicana plan to open our patios in April and are looking for upbeat, optimistic, kind, and talented people to lead the way. We’re a diverse crew of hospitality-minded individuals who work well as a team and go the extra mile for each other and our loyal community of guests. We strive to create a work environment grounded in honest and transparent communication, respect, empathy, trust, and shared goals and objectives. And, we come to work every day expecting to give it our all.

During the past year, we’ve rigorously followed the guidance from the CDC and the Washtenaw County Health Department. Now, we are excited to reopen, create new jobs, invite in new guests, while also welcoming back our loyal regulars. We do so with a laser-like focus on safety. Working at any of our restaurants, you can expect:

  • Mask & Hands: Guests and employees are expected to wash hands frequently and wear a face mask during their shift.
  • Temperature Checks: Employees are required to do temperature checks and wellness screenings daily upon arrival.
  • Contact Tracing: Per CDC guidelines, recording of names and contact information for all guests.
  • Doors: Toe pulls on internal and external doors for opening doors that would typically require your hands.
  • Table Distancing: Table distancing in compliance with current social distancing requirements.
  • Covid Testing: All employees must get tested and provide a negative test result to management prior to the first day of work.

This year, we are proud to celebrate Mani Osteria’s 10 year anniversary. We believe our secret sauce to restaurant longevity comes from the diverse, fun, self-motivated, team oriented, and bright staff. We love hiring and working with individuals who are intellectually curious, ask thoughtful questions, and suggest better answers.