In Ann Arbor, we truly experience all four seasons and get a little bit of everything – Michigan is famously unpredictable. Throughout the summer months, you can expect things to heat up on your visit. June, July, and August offer some of the biggest and most diverse festivals and outdoor events. In the summer, you can generally plan for temps in the 70s to 80s, but bring a light jacket in case it cools down in the evening – don’t miss out on some well-known favorites, like the Ann Arbor Art Fair or the Ann Arbor Summer Festival.

The fall is an exciting time in Ann Arbor – students are coming back to town and football games are starting up. September brings gorgeous autumnal colors and October will start cooling things down. As football season comes to a close towards the end of November, the temperatures will keep getting colder and winter jackets will make their way out of the closet. You can expect a snowy holiday season in Michigan, bringing about the perfect opportunities to go sledding or try out cross-country skiing! There are plenty of festive events, from parades to light shows that will keep you busy. But don’t worry, if the winter season isn’t your cup of tea, spring will come and the snow will melt, bringing about longtime area traditions like FestiFools where you see some incredible giant handmade puppets.