Vegan & Vegetarian

Eating out on a special diet can be difficult – luckily, Ann Arbor is full of restaurants that are incredibly accommodating towards vegetarians and vegans. We even have several restaurants that cater exclusively to plant-based diners! You might have heard of Seva, recently named one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the nation. They offer a completely vegetarian menu with many vegan meals and accommodations available as well as weekly innovative specials and a full bar.

Detroit Street Filling Station offers exclusively plant-based menus and is well-loved and highly recommended by vegan AND non-vegans alike. Their location isn’t just a restaurant, they’ve created a community. Their mac and cheese is especially noteworthy and the baked goods simply can’t be passed up. Wherever you eat, whether the menu is intentionally plant-based or not, Ann Arbor hospitality is unparalleled, and places are more than accommodating towards any of your dietary needs.

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