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At Destination Ann Arbor, we're here to help meeting and event planners with everything you need. We'll assist you in every detail, from finding the perfect accommodations and meeting spaces, to helping you plan off-site activities and everything in between. Most of our services are complimentary, and we have vast experience assisting meeting planners of every type. Feel free to call or email with any questions any time, using the contact information below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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For information about associations, education markets, and United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters:

Kristy Poore-Destination Ann Arbor

Kristy Poore, CMP, CTA

National Sales Account Executive

Associations and Education Markets, Union Groups

For information about the corporate, government, miltary markets and Ironworker Instructor Training:

Patty Ingleson-Destination Ann Arbor

Patti Ingleson, GMS, CTA

National Sales Account Executive

Corporate, Government, Military Markets, Union Groups

For information about the University of Michigan and Electrical Training ALLIANCE:

Nancy Harper-Destination Ann Arbor

Nancy Harper, CTA

National Sales Account Executive: University of Michigan

For information about Eastern Michigan University, labor, auto heritage, extended stay, hobby and religious markets:

Doug Bienenfeld-Destination Ann Arbor

Douglas Bienenfeld, CTA

Convention Sales Manager: Eastern Michigan University

Labor, Religious, Extended Stay Markets

For information about the Ann Arbor Art Fair, group tours, diversity markets, reunions, motorcoach, weddings and film:

Destination Ann Arbor-Pam Hughes

Pam Hughes, CTA

Convention Sales Manager

International, Film, Diversity, Weddings Markets

For information about sports markets:

Meaghan Hughes-Ann Arbor Sports Commission

Meaghan Hughes, CTA

Associate Director of the Ann Arbor Sports Commission