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Argus Museum

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The Argus Museum features products manufactured by the Argus Camera Company and tells the stories of the company, the people involved and showcases unique collections connected to Argus. 

The mission of the Argus Museum is to:

  • Collect, preserve, and interpret the significance of Argus cameras, corporate history and personnel.
  • To collect and share stories of the inventiveness of Argus in order to grow appreciation for and be inspired by this work.
  • To enlighten others as to how Argus products, its work, and its company personnel are a significant reflection of our culture, historical eras, and its greater community.
  • To provoke an awareness of photography as a form of art and communication as envisioned by the Argus company.

The Museum is housed on the second floor of the original building where International Radio Corporation made radios, and its successor company, Argus Cameras Inc., made photographic equipment.

The Argus Museum was established by Ann Arbor-area developer, William Martin, and O’Neal Construction owner, Joe O’Neal. It opened in the original Argus building when the pair purchased it for O’Neal Construction in 1985. Martin and O’Neal knew the historic significance of the building, so they gave their partnership the name C3 Partners representing one of the most recognizable cameras from Argus, the C3.