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Parades of giant paper-mâché puppets, a nationally known Ann Arbor Art Fair, musical geniuses like Yo-Yo Ma…the Ann Arbor area, a catalyst for creativity and well-known arts and culture destination is home to all of this and more, year-round. Here, is a world-class visual and performing arts scene – passionately creative, uncompromisingly bold, and always original.

The Ann Arbor area is championed for its globally-inspired cultural offerings. A long-time artists community, Ann Arbor is home to renowned galleries, museums, and arts non-profits as well as theatrical and musical organizations that put on a wide range of excitingly unique performances. You’ll find independent bookstores, unique galleries, and a variety of top-notch museums all within the downtown area. Creativity is an essential part of what makes our area so inspiring!

Within the city of Ann Arbor, The University of Michigan is a hub for creativity and innovation, supporting and encouraging a culture of art in all its forms.  The campus here in Ann Arbor offers a handful of museums, varied art galleries and collections, performances and events, installations and exhibitions, and so much more.

Community involvement in the arts is part of our DNA. The artistic spirit is alive and well, thanks to our modern residents and support from local businesses and universities. Look around the flourishing arts and culture scene and it’s easy to see — there’s an undeniable culture of creation here. People are inspired to be better and dream bigger. The opportunities to experience arts and culture are abundant, and the passion for creative expression extends from the visual onto the stage, and everywhere in between. Check out all our upcoming events here!

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