Awards & Accolades

See why Ann Arbor, a top sports town, is also considered one of the best college towns, one of Michigan's top cities, and one of the best places to live in the U.S.


#1 Best College Town & City in America, WalletHub 2021
#1 Eastern Michigan University Named Number One Military and Veteran Friendly Higher Education Institution in Michigan, Military Friendly, 2021
#1 Most Educated City in America, WalletHub, 2021
#2 Best Weekend Getaway in the Midwest, U.S. News and World Report, 2021
Most Charming Small Cities in the USA, TravelMag, 2021
Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Towns, PETA, 2021
Best College Towns in the U.S., Parade, 2021
Best College Towns in America, Pure Wow, 2021
Top 5 Most Connected College Towns in the U.S., All Connect, 2021
10 Best Places to Live if You Work From Home, MONEY, 2021
Best Cities to Live in America,, 2021
11 Best Cities to Retire in the U.S. in 2021, Travel & Leisure, 2021



Top 8 Up-and-Coming Small Cities Close to Major Metros, Livibility, 2020
America's Top 10 Best Small Cities, Best Cities, 2020
#1 Most Educated City in America, WalletHub, 2020
#1 Top Public University in America, Niche, 2020
#2 Top 100 Places to Live, Livibility, 2020
America's Best New Bikeways of 2020, People for Bikes, 2020


Ann Arbor is the #1 Location for Family Vacations, Vacation Idea, 2019
University of Michigan Named 2018-2019 Best in College Sports, CBS Sports, 2019
#1 Top Public Universities in America, Niche, 2019
One of the Best College Towns & Cities in America, WalletHub, 2019
Ann Arbor is One of the Top Unexpectedly Awesome Coffee Cities, Livibility, 2019
Ann Arbor is Living Lab for City Mobility, Medium, 2019
Ann Arbor is One of the Top Startup Cities in the Midwest, ChicagoInno, 2019
Ann Arbor is One of the Top US Tech Hubs, Bloomberg, 2019
#1 Most Educated City in America, WalletHub, 2019
Ypsilanti Receives Smart 50 Award for Innovation, Smart & Resilient Cities, 2019
One of the Top Tech Hubs in America, Bloomberg, 2019
Ann Arbor is One of Top 5 Car-Free Small Metros, City Lab, 2019
One of the Most Innovative Metro Areas in the U.S., Verizon, 2019
Ann Arbor is One of Top Cities for Older Americans in Retirement, USA Today, 2019
One of the Best Cities to Live in America, Niche, 2019
One of the Top 25 Happiest Cities in America, Forbes, 2019
One of the Best Christmas Towns in the USA, Country Living, 2019


One of the Most Innovative Cities in America, 24/7 Wall St, 2018
Best Places to Live in America, MONEY, 2018
Ypsilanti's East Cross Street named one of America's "Great Places," American Planning Association, 2018
#1 Eastern Michigan University Recognized As Michigan’s Top LGBTQ-Friendly University, AffordableCollegesOnline, 2018
Ypsilanti is One of the Most Affordable Destinations in America, Budget Travel, 2018
One of the Best College Towns in America, WalletHub, 2018
#1 Most Educated City in America, WalletHub, 2018
#1 University of Michigan the Top Public University in U.S., All About Ann Arbor, 2018
Cities With The Best Coffee in the United States, National Geographic, 2018
#1 Top 100 Best Places To Live,, 2018
#2 Top 10 Best Places to Raise a Family,, 2018
Washtenaw County Businesses Among Fastest Growing in America,, 2018


#1 Ann Arbor: The Most Welcoming City for Active Daters in Michigan,, 2017
#1 2018's Best College Towns and Cities in America, WalletHub, 2017
#1 Best Cities to Live in America,, 2017
#1 Most Educated Cities in America, WalletHub, 2017
Top 25 Happiest Cities in the United States., National Geographic, 2017
#1 Best Mid-Sized Cities to Visit, RewardExpert, 2017
The 10 Best Cities for Millennials In 2017., Forbes, 2017
The 20 Happiest Cities to Work In Right Now, Forbes, 2017
Top 10 US Destinations for Solo Travel in 2017, FlipKey from TripAdvisor, 2017
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