15 miles west of Ann Arbor is Chelsea, a small city with a lot to offer. Known for its picturesque downtown, this thriving community has an abundance of shopping, dining, entertainment, and outdoor recreation available. Chelsea has a close-knit community that embraces its agricultural heritage, cultivates a vibrant art scene, and promotes a lifestyle of healthy living.

Outdoor Recreation

Chelsea is the gateway to Waterloo Recreation Area, Michigan's largest park in the Lower Peninsula. This beautiful 20,000 acre park gives visitors the chance to experience the unique beauty of Michigan's wilderness, wildlife, and geological wonders in a protected area. Nature enthusiasts can hike, ski, bike, fish on one of the many sunny lakes, or even enjoy a camping trip. Golfers visiting Chelsea will be happy to hear that they have a selection of over 20 lush courses to choose from. Families will find plenty of outdoor picnic and play areas around the city, including Timbertown, Pierce Park, and Veteran's Park. 

Arts & Culture

A commitment to the arts is an essential part of Chelsea’s vitality. The Purple Rose Theatre is one of Chelsea's most famous cultural cornerstones. Founded by renowned actor Jeff Daniels, The Purple Rose puts on a variety of shows throughout the year, offers classes on acting and theater, and features an apprenticeship program. Downtown Chelsea also feature the Sculpture Walk, a self-guided tour to view 12 amazing works of art. Local art studios offer classes for all ages in a variety of mediums as well.

History & Architecture

One of Chelsea's many treasures is its historic appeal. The downtown, designated a Commercial Historic District in 2011, has over 60 commercial, public, and institutional buildings that show off the amazingly preserved Victorian architecture. Visitors can take a walking tour of the area to learn more of its past, or take a relaxing stroll through the nearby quaint neighborhoods to see some of the long-standing generational homes. There are also a number of museums in Chelsea, covering topics from general history of the area to agriculture.

Business & Shopping

There's no better way to remember a trip to Chelsea than to stop by Main Street and grab a charming souvenir. With a selection of specialty shops, gift boutiques, markets, restaurants, and cafés, there is always something to catch the eye. To support the healthy lifestyle the city promotes, there is also a selection of farmers markets that provide easy access to fresh produce. Those that are interested in the business side of Chelsea, or who are simply big fans of JIFFY Mix, may enjoy a tour of the Chelsea Milling Company.

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