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Did you know, Washtenaw County is home to 14 farmers markets throughout the spring and summer? The Ann Arbor area is fortunate to have an array of farms, farmers markets, and farm stops. There is a thriving farm-to-table movement in the community that reaches from home kitchens to restaurant dining rooms. The Ann Arbor Farmers Market is open year-round, bringing local farm-fresh produce and more to the community on a weekly basis. Argus Farm Stop is a local treasure with two locations, working to grow the local agricultural economy and help local farms flourish and thrive. Throughout the summer, the Westside Farmers Market and the Pittsfield Township Farmers Market, both found in Ann Arbor, open for business, featuring local and regional food and agricultural businesses and activities for the family.

Just 10 minutes from downtown Ann Arbor is another local gem, White Lotus Farms. Helping to contribute to Ann Arbor’s sustainable farming and agricultural tourism, White Lotus Farms prides itself on its artisanal, handcrafted products. Ann Arbor is powered by purpose – helping to cultivate the local agricultural economy and choosing locally sourced products are just some of the ways the community exemplifies that.

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