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Yoon's Bakery

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Yoon's Bakery is a Korean Bakery based on the French-style of baking, serving a unique selection of fresh bakery goods made with the highest quality ingredients.

Delicate buns of fine-grained, baked until just pale gold and filled or topped with freshly made creams or custards flavored with chocolate, coffee, or fruit. Some, filled with pastes of sweet potato, red bean, or green pea, which may provide rich flavor. They believe you really can taste the difference!

Boulanger Sunhyup Yoon learned his trade in Korea. He came to Ann Arbor on a visit in 2010 and was surprised that with all the Korean restaurants around town but there were no Korean bakeries.

In 2015, he launched Yoon’s Bakery to serve "the taste of home" to make them smile and feel warm inside. Yoon's Bakery adds to the international flavor of Ann Arbor.