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JULY 18-20, 2024



Chalk the Walk features Ann Arbor’s own world-renown Artist David Zinn. Recognized globally for his clever and improvised chalk street art, Zinn will be creating his original temporary chalk work live during the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair event.

Sidewalk chalk will be available so that fairgoers can join in on the creativity and add their own mark on this year’s Ann Arbor Art Fair.

ZINN HOURS: Thursday & Saturday 1-3PM (Friday if rains on Thursday/Saturday)

LOCATION: Near the corner of Liberty and Fifth Ave. in front of the Post office.



Art Fair Glass Blowing

Toledo Museum of Art (TMA) Artist Kacey McCreery and her team will blow LIVE art glass daily 1 pm to 4 pm at the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, The Original! Come see these brilliant artists at work and meet "The Baby Dragon" (the pet name of the Toledo Museum of Art’s mobile glassblowing furnace). Watch as they create glass sculptures right before your eyes with TMA's fantastic Glass Blowing Mobile Truck in the background. You will be amazed!

HOURS: 1PM TO 4PM each day of the fair

LOCATION: East Washington and Ingalls Mall, University of Michigan Campus



The Ann Arbor State Street District Art Fair is partnering with Creative Washtenaw to implement the first Ann Arbor Art Fair Creative District on William Street near the The Street Stage on William. Mural outlines will be painted on the street and visitors are invited to come bring them to life by coloring them in with chalk! Kona Ice will be on site with 100% of proceeds donated to the Downtown Ann Arbor Partnership for public art initiatives.

  • Speed Sketchers: 60 Second Caricatures
  • Eric Scott Baker the Smile Maker
  • Tumbleweed Circus
  • Artistic Face Painting
  • Art in the Streets
  • Artistic Face Painting
  • Kona Ice (All proceeds to Downtown Ann Arbor Foundation)

All activities are FREE with fun for all ages!




We Roar is an exhibition of extraordinary artwork and poetry by 40 people imprisoned in England and the USA. All were sent three pieces of inspiration and set the challenge of responding creatively. The strength of the resulting artworks and creative writing speaks with a passion and humanity that cannot be ignored. The resulting pieces will be exhibited at this year’s Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair (US) and a digital exhibition of the project will be screened through prisons in Michigan, and all 10 UK participating prisons.

LOCATION: on East University between South University and Willard



Potters Guild, Ceramics

For 64 years now, The Ann Arbor Potters Guild has joined the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, The Original to give ceramic demonstrations of wheel thrown pottery! Watch as they create ceramic works of art each day of the fair!

LOCATION: Hill Auditorium Lawn - North University - University of Michigan Campus



Art Fair Art Zone

Create your own works of art in the Art Activity Zone at the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, The Original. Family-friendly art projects are open to all ages and free to the public!

HOURS: Thursday -  Saturday, 11am – 6pm 

LOCATION: Ingalls Mall, near E. Washington between Thayer and Fletcher. 



The Arts Initiative will offer two activities for visitors to engage with art-making and take home a unique piece of art made by them. Partnering with the U-M library, visitors will have the option of creating cyanotypes or wood block prints using a simple press, around the theme of local plants.

UM-Libraries has both the book and original wooden blocks by artist John DePol depicting California flora– participants can both view a completed work made by an artist, and try a quick print to create a card.

Alternating with the block-printing in the schedule, is an option to create cyanotypes of Michigan plants using illustrations by Mary Vaux Walcott. Cyanotypes allow makers to create a one-of-a-kind print using sunlight to develop pre-coated paper sheets on which they will arrange transparencies of local and regional flora. They will be able to create their own plant arrangement, too (an option for younger visitors especially).

LOCATION: In the parking lot next to Ragstock with Eli Lilly and Company | Off of Liberty between Fifth Ave. and Division.