People gathered on Ingalls Mall

Summer Fest

Ann Arbor Summer Festival 2024

June 14-30, 2024

Thinking of going to the Ann Arbor Summer Festival (A2SF) for the first time and not sure what to expect? Want to know when to dance, what to eat, and where to park? We have you covered! Check out this page for all the tips and tricks of one of the largest summer festivals.   

The A2SF takes place June 14-30th, and it is all about having a great time. We will highlight some of the must-try festival experiences, and if that is not enough, check out our guide for more unique A2SF fun.  

Where To Park 

Live music, events, and nightly films happen at the Top of The Park in Ingalls Mall, 881 N University Ave, Ann Arbor, 48103. In this area, street meters are available nearby from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. (free after 6 p.m.) Mon-Sat, and free on Sundays. 

In addition to street parking, nearby Fletcher St and Thayer St Parking Structures are just a street away from Ingalls Mall. 

Ann Arbor also has plenty of public transportation options, including May Mobility, an autonomous vehicle shuttle service, and the Washtenaw bus system known as TheRide, which offers multiple routes to the A2SF. Check out our A2SF guide for directions and parking details.  

What To Bring 

Sunscreen, hat, lawn chairs, picnic blankets, comfiest dancing shoes, wallet, and it is essential to bring your phone/camera to capture memories!   

Kids Events 

Kids and families activities at Summer Festival

The A2SF has kid-friendly fun from story time with Booksweet to meeting certified therapy dogs! These tiny-tot-tastic events happen in the KidZone Tent at the Top of the Park campus, just off North University Ave.  

Kidzone Events 

Friday June 14 

5:00pm | KidZone: Storytime with Booksweet  

Saturday June 15 

•  5:00pm | KidZone: Sustainable Fun and Your Bright Future!  

Sunday June 16 

5:00pm | KidZone: Play and Learn with Band-aids 

Friday June 21 

5:00pm | KidZone: Instrument Petting Zoo  

Sunday June 30 

5:00pm | KidZone: Cool Collages  

Click here for the full lineup of kid-friendly events. 


Health & Wellness   

Group yoga at Summer Festival

During A2SF, the Power Center lawn at 121 Fletcher Street will host 15 retreat and wellness classes like Jazzercise and yoga. 

Retreat & Wellness Events 

Friday June 15 

5:30pm | Retreat: Yoga and Mindfulness with Zion Well 

Friday June 16 

5:30pm | Retreat: Line Dancing with Sherry Hawkins 

Friday June 20 

5:30pm | Retreat: Aerobics Kickboxing with Saline ATA 

Friday June 22 

5:30pm | Retreat: World Dance Workout with Sandy Pierani 

Friday June 27 

5:30pm | Retreat: Capoeira with Mestre Lobinho 

Click here for the full lineup of retreat and wellness events. 


Live Music 

Tank and the Bangas at the Summer Festival

Headlining A2SF is the festival’s lineup of musical performances at the Top of The Park. Attendees can enjoy more than 50 musical acts over the three-week event!   

Live Music Performances 

Friday June 14 

5:00pm | Performance: Ron Brooks Trio 

Friday June 19 

6:45pm l Performance: Violet Sol 

Friday June 20 

8:00pm | Performance: Ki5 

Friday June 22 

7:00pm l Performance: Tumbao Bravo 

Friday June 27 

• 8:00pm | Performance: Dani Darling 

Click here for the full lineup of musical acts! 

The Ann Arbor Summer Festival beams with family fun, infectious music, and joyous energy. Whether it is watching your favorite singer take the stage or participating in a rejuvenating yoga session, we are excited to experience this year’s A2SF, and we cannot wait to see you there!   



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