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Decode Ann Arbor Escape Room

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The Minerva Project

The Minerva Project centers around Minerva, an adolescent artificial intelligence who has ambitions that are too big for her motherboard. Will you help Minerva escape or take a risk by working against her? (Designed For 3-15 People With Dynamic Difficulty)

Minerva's Escape

Minerva has escaped to the internet, and she’s determined to improve our world. She wants your help, but first you have to earn her trust. Can you follow her clues around the city and gain her confidence? (Designed For 1-40 People In Small Groups)

Minerva's Return

Minerva is back! After escaping onto the internet, Minerva hasn't been doing so well, and she needs your help to reboot her system. Will you complete the job before her data degrades? Can she trust you? (Designed For 3-15 People With Dynamic Difficulty)