The Seven Series

The Seven Series

Real Artists | Real Music | Real Stories

This online performance and interview series is an innovative approach to storytelling, music performance, and showcasing local talent in and around Washtenaw County. 

More than just a performance and an interview: The Seven Series works with local artists, journalists, videographers, engineers & production crews to provide a full recording and release experience from support of community partners. New episodes bi-weekly. Subscribe to the Amplify Project YouTube Channel to watch the full interviews. 

7C - Dani Darling

On episode three of The Seven Series, multi-talented singer-songwriter and instrumentalist Dani Darling performs her new song “Bossa” at the Leon Loft. Highlighted under violet lights, Dani showcases her vocal prowess. Following her performance of “Bossa” journalist Melody Brooks interviews Darling to discuss a lengthy variety of fun topics from musical inspirations, her work with the Amplify project during the COVID-19 pandemic, and growing up a triplet.


7B - Kenyatta Rashon

On episode two of The Seven Series, R&B singer Kenyatta Rashon performs “Homie 4 Life” from her album The Art of Keeping It Real at the Leon Loft. Following her performance, Rashon sits with journalist TJ Boykins for an interview chronicling the singer’s albums, career influences, and love for her hometown. 


7A - Kristianna

For this debut episode of The Seven Series, singer Kristianna performs her single “Twisted” from her debut album, Too Late To Be Sorry. The Ypsilanti-native singer, who also leads her separate band, The Daynites, blends her personal style of soulful R & B with storytelling mechanics to craft a songwriting style that’s personal and relatable.