The Ann Arbor area is unique, fun, relaxing, and memorable. In this feature, we're taking you across the county and highlighting seven destinations within Washtenaw County, from Ann Arbor to Ypsilanti and everywhere in between A to Z. Check out these fun things to do all around!

Challenge Everything Create ANything mural

A – Ann Arbor Art

Ann Arbor has the perfect blend of arts, culture, and entertainment. Whether viewing murals along business walls, watching performing arts, or shopping in the vibrant downtown area, “A2” beams with creativity. No area better encapsulates the artistic boom of the Ann Arbor area like its businesses and festivals that highlight the creative destination. Whether you’re watching the Paint Dexter Plein Air Festival or taking a class at the Ann Arbor Art Center, the county flexes its artistic muscles.   

B - Bountiful Brunches 

Who doesn’t love a good brunch? Fortunately, the area has its fair share of brunch spots for you to enjoy. Stop by Sava’s and enjoy their Sunday brunch buffet or take a whiff of the delicious aroma oozing from Afternoon Delight, which has perfected the brunch formula since 1978. Enjoying a noon omelet has never tasted so good.  

C - Chelsea 

Chelsea's charming main street area is home to delicious diners and unique retail like the sustainable-responsible Chelsea Outfitters. Visit during the Sounds and Sights Festival, an annual celebration over 40 years in the making!  You'll want to spend time in Chelsea during your next visit.  

Chelsea Sounds and sights festival band playing

D - Dexter

There is nothing like experiencing Dexter, from its outdoor recreation like the Border-to-Border trail and Huron River to events like the Paint Dexter Plein Air Festival to shopping in home goods stores like 3bird. This city has charm and beauty. 

E - Entertaining Experiences 

An entertainment haven, music fans can enjoy live performances by Grammy-award-winning artists at The Ark and the Blue Llama Jazz Club or delve into classical concerts at Kerrytown Concert House.  

F - Festival Fun 

The festival schedule is abundant and entertaining. You can enjoy live music at the Saline Summerfest, see sculptures, paintings, and beautiful artwork at the Ann Arbor Art Fair and attend so many more events throughout the County!  

Ann Arbor art fair

G - Golfing Galore 

With over 20 golf courses to select, hitting the greens has never felt better. From making a crisp eagle at the Hickory Creek Golf Course in Ypsilanti to knocking in a putt at Huron Hills Golf Course, the area provides several options to enjoy the game.  

H - Hotels & Hospitality  

Wake up on the right side of the bed. Visit unique hospitality destinations such as The Newton of Ypsilanti, which offers food crafted by chef/owner Allison Anastasio, or enjoy an enchanting theatre performance at the Purple Rose Theater in Chelsea, followed by a rejuvenating rest at the Chelsea House Victoria Inn, located just behind the theater. Looking for other hotel options? View our hotel packages and promotions here!   

I - Interactive Interests 

The Ann Arbor area is full of interactive and fun entertainment. You can throw a football at ten bowling pins in the Fowling Warehouse in Ypsilanti, take on the latest challenge in the Ann Arbor Breakout Escape Rooms or throw axes at Axe Ventura

J - June Junctures 

Attend memorable events like the three-week Ann Arbor Summer Festival or stop by Chelsea for their Chelsea Painters Art Fair. June always captures the essence of summer fun.  

David Zinn at ann arbor summer festival

K - Kid-Friendly Activities 

The family-friendly fun is front and center at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, where kids can enjoy over 200 hands-on attractions. Looking for more? A trip to Domino’s Farms allows the barnyard to become your yard, as your mini-me's can see animals including cows and horses. 

L - LGBTQ Love 

Love always wins, and no place better captures that experience than the annual Ann Arbor Pride. The Washtenaw area is home to many LGBTQ+ legendary figures, such as Jim Toy and Kathy Kozachenko, dedicated pioneers in LGBTQ rights. Take a look at Ann Arbor's Historic Firsts and a look ahead

M - Manchester & Milan 

The quaint cities of Manchester and Milan are full of fun events and small-town restaurants. From listening to music from local artists at the Manchester Underground or picking up a sweet treat at Milan’s Life is Sweet, there’s no shortage of entertainment in these destinations.  

Manchester MI from river raisin park

N - Nightlife 

You can have your pick of activities for your next night on the town. Whether you want to dance the night away at Lo-Fi in downtown Ann Arbor or bowl a perfect game at Revel and Roll, the choice is always yours.

O - Outdoor Fun 

Washtenaw hosts highly walkable and bikeable areas. Enjoy the wonderful Ann Arbor area outdoors, which features plenty of fishing spots such as the Delhi Metropark, or canoe along the Huron River.  

P - Picture Perfect Parks 

Ann Arbor has earned the nickname “Tree Town.” Take a peaceful stroll through one of our 162 parks and enjoy the nature experience.  

Mill creek park in Dexter

Q - Quaint Neighborhoods 

There are few peaceful experiences like strolling through the area’s relaxed neighborhoods. Whether it’s a brisk walk through charming Kerrytown to enjoy some Miss Kim or taking pictures on an evening walk through the historic neighborhoods in Manchester, there’s no shortage of ways to have fun while keeping fit.  

R - Relaxation Retreats 

You can relax, kick your feet up, and put your worries away, as places like Spavia Day Spa and Hand & Stone in Ann Arbor and give you the full pampering package.  

S - Saline 

The historic Saline provides visitors ample opportunities for fun and unique festivals, such as its Saline Celtic Festival or enjoy live music and delicious drinks when you visit Stony Lake Brewing Company

saline, murphy crossing

T -Theaters 

You can view the latest and greatest entertainment at the Michigan Theater and State Theatre, whether a summer blockbuster or a live performance from one of your favorite performers. For more entertainment, visit nearby theaters like the Encore Theater in Dexter, Purple Rose Theater in Chelsea, Riverfolk Theater in Manchester, or live shows at The Ark in Ann Arbor.

U - Upbeat Universities  

From the fun and lively campus of Eastern Michigan University, the community-oriented Washtenaw Community College, or the architecturally beautiful and sizable campus of the University of Michigan, home of the Big House. There is no shortage of great college institutions.   

V - Vibrant Vintage Shops  

You can stop by Chelsea Antique Mall and purchase one-of-a-kind items or stroll throughout Ypsilanti’s Depot Town to see shops like Lucky Haskins Antiques and Retro, which carry nostalgic gifts and historic gifts. 

Lucky Haskins

W - Wonderful Washtenaw County

Ranging from higher education, amazing public transportation systems, easy walkability, and great citizens, Washtenaw County is a great destination for all.  

X - X-Golf  

This state-of-the-art golfing simulator is a fantastic destination for date nights or having a night out among friends. Playing a round of virtual golf has never been more fun. 

Y - Ypsilanti 

Ypsilanti, or Ypsi for short, is the perfect blend of small-town aesthetic and big-town personality. From unique neighborhoods like Depot Town to being home to delicious downtown restaurants like the flavorful Ma Lou’s, Ypsilanti is vibrant and fun for everyone. 

Z - Zingerman's 

A staple among the community, the Zingerman’s brand boasts an impressive roster of dining delights, including Zingerman's Deli, Zingerman's Roadhouse, Zingerman's Bakehouse and a host of additional businesses.  

Zingermans deli exterior

From Ann Arbor breakfast and brunch to Ypsilanti’s Ziggy’s music hot spot, the Ann Arbor area has something to do for everyone.

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